Sharing Resources


You can share resources with other educators or with a group.

If you'd like to share a resource with others, simply click the share button using the Share button just above your resource thumbnail.

Share Button

Then click the [+] sign below and type in the name of a known user or group within Brokers of Expertise. If you would like to provide some or all of those you share with, access to editing rights to your resource, make sure to mark the checkbox for "edit rights."

Sharing a resource

Other Sharing Tips:

  • When you upload a resource and you DO want to make it public, be sure to select "All Brokers of Expertise Users" or it will only be available to guests (people without accounts).
  • If you want the resource available to a specific group ONLY, do not check either "Public" or "All users" when uploading. Instead, use the "Ownership" option.
  • If you want to share a resource with a specific group, upload the resource, and then go to the resource, look for the link "share" in the upper right. If you click on "share" you can then share with other individuals (under the heading "Share with Users") or share with entire groups (under the heading "Share with Groups").